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Welcome to the updated and improved website of the 99s Museum
of Women Pilots.  Changes to the home page should make the
website easier to use.  We are in the process of adding many new
features such as biographies of women pilots, activities for children,
and featured collections held by the Museum.  

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      Museum Hosts Open House for the          
   2011 International Convention of the 99s

In July, the 99s International Organization of
Women Pilots held its annual Convention in
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.   As part of the
activities, the Headquarters Office and the
Museum of Women Pilots hosted an Open
House for attendees of the Convention.

In preparation for the Convention, the
Museum had just finished a long-term
project of updating its exhibits.  Visitors were
able to view new exhibits highlighting the
history of women pilots.

For many of the attendees, this was their first
opportunity to visit the Museum since its
grand opening in 1999.  

             UPDATED:  Museum Hours

 New hours are:

     Monday - Friday:  10 am - 4 pm
First Saturday of the month
Sunday & Holidays

Please call ahead for tours
and other

            New Members Elected to
        Museum's Board of Trustees

Elections were held during the recent
International Convention of the 99s.  Two
new Trustees were elected to the Museum's
Board; Bonita Ades and Elaine Regier.

Bonita Ades has previously served on the
Museum Board of Trustees.  She brings her
experience back to the Board, particularly in
the area of volunteer programs.

Elaine Regier has been an active volunteer in
the Museum for a number of years, working
primarily in the Museum's research library.